Going Green with ULPI

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Both tankless & Hybrid water heaters are a great way to start saving. A tankless water heater will only cost you once you open a hot water fixture. Hybrid water heaters offer standard, hybrid & heat pump settings to meet your specific needs.

Water Treatment Systems

A quality water treatment system will offer clean, filtered & good tasting water to your home. That will help cut down on the massive waste of plastic water bottles being thrown away every day.

Water Sense Toilets

Toilets are a great way to conserve water. Older toilets can use up to 3 gallons of water per flush. Now even a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet has become the older toilet; Welcome the 1.28 gallon per flush toilet. With a dual flush toilet they go as low as .8 gallons per flush.

Water Sense Aerators & Shower Heads

There is not always a need to change your lavatory faucet or tub/shower fixture to save water. We can install new aerators on faucets & new shower heads to help conserve water.

Leaky Faucet & Sink Repair

A leaking fixture is a waste of a precious resource; water. Fixing a leaking fixture is another step in the right direction to help conserve & save.

Washlet Toilet Seats

We use water to wash, so why not use water to cleanse after using the bathroom? A washlet is just another example of going green. They offer front and rear wash; heated seat, air purifier, warm air dryer & most can be handled via remote central.

In addition to professional plumbing services, ULPI is proud to several sustainable innovations and we are happy to help you go green. That means our products and services save water, energy and money; you might even say they pay for themselves in the long run.

These are all great ways to start helping to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. There are also many commercial applications as well.

.5 gallon & 1/8 gallon per flush urinals
EcoPower flush valves
Metering & electronic faucets

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