Welcome to United Liberty Plumbing, Inc.

ULPI is a fully licensed & insured company; based out of King George, VA. We offer service work for King George & most surrounding areas. Also as a Class A contractor we offer residential/commercial services throughout Virginia & Maryland. Whether a small leak or a major commercial development ULPI is here to our services and provide a great working relationship.

Service & repair, residential & commercial construction ULPI is the one to call.

ULPI is proud to give you peace of mind, knowing the job gets done as promised, when we promise. We are a company that values environmental responsibility and sustainability. ULPI will consistently provide quality & reliable workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our top concern.

At ULPI, we believe that as a consumer, you deserve to know that you have a qualified contractor performing services that they are licensed and insured to perform. We recommend that before you choose a contractor make sure they are licensed to the services they quote.


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